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Advice and guidance

Here you will find advice and guidance, so you will be well informed before making a decision about which course to choose - and whom to choose as your supplier.

You will also find information about the kinds of courses offered, guarantees and insurance, safety and other vital background knowledge.

Do you feel lucky, punk?

Imagine a sack of energetic and talented fleas. They can all do "something" and would like to prove it. That "something" includes a broad range of things. Some have an education, others do not. Some have a medal hanging from their necks or epaulets with stripes, others have no such distinctions. Some work outdoors, others indoors. Some engage in lengthy mental processes, others do not. But what they have in common is the belief that they can make a difference that is worth paying for.

A large number of those in this group can be found by looking up that old Danish expression "team building" on your search engine.

Now imagine that you are the personnel manager who wants to "do something" with your personnel. But how will you know you if you will be getting what you wish for? How will you if a supplier's safety and ethics are in order?

Our association acknowledges that you as a personnel manager will find it difficult to choose among the fleas. We further acknowledge that those in our business make their living based on an extremely sensitive subject, personal development. Beyond that, it is something chosen on behalf of employees by their employer. Personal and professional development have become a mantra - also for employees.
"If you're not under development, maybe you are facing banishment.
But what are the limits for what course participants can be exposed to?

There have unfortunately been accidents in our business. The physical injuries that have been the focus of press accounts are of course tragic. But what about the psychological injuries? How far are we prepared to go as suppliers to advance development? By which methods and why?
And where do we stand on ethical issues?

Our association wishes to assemble all of the fleas who are serious about their work, raise a debate and set some demands and standards to ourselves.

This is why the association has held a conference on ethics and safety. We invited various suppliers as well as HR and personnel managers among our clients. There were many interested participants. We were given presentations on ethics and safety by outside parties. We discussed an extensive list of relevant themes and problems (read the conference summary under "News"). The themes must be the subject of further internal discussion, but we believe a broad public debate is also needed. In all other areas of the employment market there open agreements are made between employer and employee organizations, so why not here? Where are the unions and the politicians? An the press? So far only one business newspaper, Erhvervsbladet, has shown interest (see the article under "What the press says"). Is our business only newsworthy when someone is injured?

So let this be the start-up of efforts to avoid a situation where you as HR or personnel manager must go through guesswork in decide where to send your colleagues. What you want is the confidence that gives
inner calm. In arranging for personal development courses, you certainly do not want to ask an inner Dirty Harry: Do you feel lucky,
punk? Well, do you?

Written by:
, Foreman of the Ethics & Safefy
September 24th, 2006

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