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Ethical guidelines for Trade Association for Team Building and Leadership Training

Fundamental rules

The members of the Trade Association for Team Building and Leadership Training are to assure the best possible quality for their clients, broadly speaking, and especially where physical safety and psychological/emotional conditions are concerned.

Quality requirements

The association's members commit themselves to have all course participants covered by business and product liability insurance.

The members must be able to document that all activities having a safety element are to be conducted by individuals with relevant training approved by the association's technical committee.

The members commit themselves to protect the health and welfare
of course participants during prolonged activities by having appropriate health care personnel standing by.

All activities having an obvious potential for affecting the psychological/emotional condition of the individual participant must be conducted or supervised by persons with a relevant background approved by the association's technical committee.

All equipment and material having a safety function must be approved in accordance with the regular recommendations pertaining to such equipment and material.

Installations of a permanent character, such as climbing scaffolding, climbing walls, obstacle courses and similar equipment must be approved by the technical committee, employing guidelines determined by the installation's configuration.

thical requirements

The association's members must adhere to the ethical rules formulated from time to time by the association's board of directors.

The association's member are to avoid competition of a fatuous nature and are not to speak of other members in a disparaging manner.

Environment and working environment

Association members want their employees to have a good working environment and will therefore make an effort to insure that work locations live up to a good standard.

Association members are committed to having consideration for the surroundings in which they conduct their activities, and the business sectors within which work is conducted.

Handling of complaints

Association members commit themselves to having a procedure for the handling of complaints within their individual businesses. Clients are to be informed to whom complaints are to be directed.


The association's board of directors may on any given occasion appoint an individual in the technical committee to confirm that the ethical guidelines are adhered to by any one member of the association.

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