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The Trade Association for Team Building and Leadership Training

Our home page offers you information about our objectives, articles of association and ethical guidelines.

The Trade Association for Team Building and Leadership Training wishes, broadly speaking, to assure the best possible quality for our clients, with a special focus on safety, psychological and emotional conditions.

The association's members are committed to cover all course participants with business and product liability insurance.


The objective of the trade association is to promote an enhanced business environment between its members and their clients.

This is first and foremost accomplished by creating and maintaining the best possible quality for all clients.

Our strategy is to assemble and give exposure to our field's leading businesses and thereby impart a credible impression of solid quality
among present and prospective client companies.

Initially, it is vital to focus on our high quality standards in order to justify the existence of our association. An essential quality criterion is an always active and tangible relationship to safety and ethics, so that clients and course participants can feel that they are in good hands when dealing with members of the association. Underscoring our commitment.


April 2018. 
BFTL is organizing the High Rope Activity Parks in Denmark

To ensure common safety procedures, standards and education in Denmark for this segment, BFTL is taking action on gathering leading companies in our

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